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Our Work

Solutions for your new or challenging initiative, so that your voice is heard and your path is clear.


Together, we clarify your goals, capture core ideas, outline first and next steps, and hash out strategy.

Planning & Making

We work with you to create a full marketing plan, including a Roadmap, phased schedules, and actionable checklists. We also oversee early content creation to ensure it's on message.


Just need to talk it out? Let's workshop challenges and brainstorm ideas to formulate next steps.

Our Process

We iterate through three phases of work—Research, Ideation, and Implementation—asking straightforward questions and picking up on nuance along the way.There is no "big reveal." We'd rather work closely with your team to make sure that all the pieces are relevant and actionable.Our marketing-focused conversations and the work we deliver benefits other areas of your business and operations.

Jake Jones

Founder & Principal Consultant

I started What On Earth because I love sharing great stories and doing work that improves our environmental literacy. I can help by creating successful marketing strategies for new or challenging initiatives.I have 15 years of experience in marketing, education, and ecological design:

  • I've led teams and marketing efforts in both sustainable architecture and the beneficial mushroom industry.

  • I designed my own curriculum while teaching at the university level in China and Vietnam.

  • I developed a year-long fellowship in ecological design that led to work in New York, Nicaragua, and Fargo, North Dakota.

Together, these experiences have taught me to value nature's ingenuity, to grow relationships instead of subscribers, and to commit to the wow version with my work.

The Life Cycle Project

Documenting the adventure of a lifetime. Influenced by Rachel Sussman's The Oldest Living Things in the World, we're cataloging and indexing ecological life cycles as diverse as grasshoppers, glaciers, and galaxies.First up: Helianthus annuus—the common sunflower. Over the course of 2023, we'll cultivate three varieties of sunflowers with creative documentation and outcomes:1. Hopi Black Dye Landrace for small batch natural dye at Manheim Gardens in KCMO.2. Black Russian Heirloom for small-batch sunflower oil production in Lecompton, KS.3. Wild sunflowers (wild collected) for flower pressings in KCMO.

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